Stefan Edlich

Prof. Dr. Stefan Edlich is a senior lecturer at the Beuth University of Applied Science Berlin. He wrote two of the world’s first NoSQL books and twelve other IT books for publishers as Apress, O’Reilly, Spektrum/Elsevier, Hanser and others. In 2008 he created the ICOODB conferences series that run in Berlin, ETH Zürich and Frankfurt. Finally, he runs the NoSQL Archive and organizes NoSQL Events worldwide.
The variety of topics that surrounds the work of Stefan Edlich makes him the perfect candidate to chair the NoSQL conference program committee.

Marc Planagumà

Foto Marc 90 x 110
Marc Planagumà is lead data engineer and researcher at Barcelona Digital Technology Center (BDigital). His current focus of work is geospatial and near-realtime analytics on mobility and smart city scenarios. He has a solid experience in building scalable systems for massive data processing research projects, dealing with cutting-edge challenges in knowledge engineering, data-mining, machine-learning and recommender systems. Marc is a NoSQL enthusiast used to deal with highly complex data-driven scenarios, able to design and deploy polyglot persistence environments supporting challenging requirements such as highly scalable GIS capabilities, optimization of very large time-series for storage and access and graph processing. Marc’s vast experience in the NoSQL field and the advantage of his close relation to the local audience make him an ideal candidate to chair the NoSQL matters conference in Barcelona.

Frank Celler

As head of Dr. Celler Cologne Lectures, Frank Celler is the host of the NoSQL matters conference series as well as of the NoSQL Cologne User Group. Since 20 years he is working in the field of software business and entered the world of NoSQL more than 13 years ago. Working for different companies he early discovered the potential of high-performance databases. Today he is passionate about promoting the importance of NoSQL to the world. Together with Stefan Edlich and Marc Planagumà, he chairs the NoSQL matters 2014 program committee to select the finest talks for the conference’s agenda.


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