ConferenceThe Conference
The 6th edition of NoSQL matters will take place on 3rd and 4th September 2014 in Dublin, Ireland.

We are expecting an inspiring day with mind-blowing talks, various opportunities to network with other experts and lots of possibilities to extend your NoSQL and Big Data knowledge.

NoSQL matters will cover a broad spectrum of topics, including new products, use-cases and field reports of day-to-day operations of NoSQL infrastructures.

ContentThe Content
The talks offer a wide range of topics and cater for different levels of expertise.

Discover efficient ways to exploit Big Data in order to extract valuable information.

Listen to talks about future developments in the fields of cloud computing and DBaaS.

Learn how to visualize your knowledge using graphs and model your data in a structured way.

Why should you attend
Why should you attend
Get insights into relevant NoSQL products and dive into technical aspects.Socialize with representatives of the leading NoSQL companies and learn more about their innovative tools and solutions.

Get to know the people behind the databases and let them inspire you.

Meet and connect with great folks from the NoSQL scene and strengthen your network.

Venue 340 x 227The Venue
NoSQL matters will take place in the Education and Research Centre in Dublin 6W which is on the grounds of Our Lady’s Hospice Centre.The Education and Research Center with its bright and modern interior provides perfect conditions to socialize at the NoSQL matters market place during the breaks. At lunchtime you can take a relaxing walk through the pleasant green sourroundings of the venue.


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