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You ask yourself: “why attend?” Those are just a few…

• Get insights into relevant NoSQL products and dive into technical aspects.
• Get to know the people behind the databases and let them inspire you.
• Meet and connect with great folks from the NoSQL scene and strengthen your network.
• Socialize with representatives of the leading NoSQL companies and learn everything about their innovative tools and solutions.

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Ticket Price Overview

NoSQL matters 2014 @Dublin

Starting with an interactive training day and followed by one day conference, NoSQL matters provides a perfect opportunity to network with leading NoSQL experts from all around the world. Tickets for the training sessions (3rd September) are available now. The conference (4th September) will start at 8:30 am and finish with Lightning Talks at 8:00 pm.

The Conference

The event will fill you in on NoSQL, Big Data, DBaas, and Cloud Computing developments, zooming in into new products and field reports of day-to-day operations. You will explore technical backgrounds and algorithmic innovations, during the interactive talks of our international speakers. The use-cases will cover a great variety of subjects on document and column stores, graph databases, consistency models and many more. It will give newcomers the chance to meet veterans of this technology and to discuss with the developers the most common NoSQL solutions. But, cheer up! There is plenty of humor, fun and tasty catering in-between of all the geeky stuff!

Training Day

Check out our exciting training day’s agenda and don’t forget to save the seat! Mind – tickets are limited.

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