Jacqui Taylor

Jacqui has 25 years experience of deploying technology change across the world. After implementing a banking regulatory change programme with Web 3.0 tools she co-founded FlyingBinary. A Ministerial appointment to the Cabinet Office for the second year to the Open Data User Group as an Open Data domain expert recognised her as a web scientist of influence in the era of Big Data. A recent inclusion as a data innovator for a number of the smart city initiatives signals the next steps for her company and the Internet of Things which will transform all our daily lives. Jacqui trains Advanced Analysts on the Science of Data Visualisation is a regular speaker on Cloud Adoption, Big Data, Smarter Analytics and Profiting from the Web. Jacqui has just collaborated with datajournalism thought leaders to produce her first book “Mapping the Future” which signals the changes for the data journalism industry.

Jacqui Taylor will speak about:
Keynote: How 24/7 has become 9 to 5

Boaz Leskes

Boaz Leskes is an Elasticsearch core developer and the author of Sense, the popular front end for Elasticsearch. Boaz's background is diverse, ranging from C++ to C#,Python and Java and sometimes even Javascript. Rumor has it that he has also done Lisp at some point in the past. Based in Amsterdam, he's a fan of faceting, Lucene, monitoring and search.

The talk of Boaz Leskes will be:
Elasticsearch: Deep dive into analytics using Aggregations

Brian Brazil

Brian is an engineer at Boxever, where he heads the Systems and Infrastructure team. Brian's background includes working and managing Relational and NoSQL databases at scale.

Brian Brazil will speak about:
No C-QL (Or how I learned to stop worrying, and love eventual consistency)

Eric Redmond

Eric is an engineer at Basho, who also happens to work on Riak Search (aka Yokozuna). He's written a few books, including Seven Databases in Seven Weeks, and The Little Riak Book.

Eric Redmond will speak about:
Distributed Search on Riak 2.0

Giovanni Lanzani

Giovanni Lanzani is a Data Whisperer at GoDataDriven, a small training and consultancy firm based in The Netherlands, the UK and India. Thanks to his PhD in Theoretical Physics, Giovanni spends his time at GoDataDriven applying Machine Learning and Data Science techniques to data of the most disparate companies and helps building and profiling data driven applications with his team.

The talk of Giovanni Lanzani will be:
SQL vs NoSQL databases for data driven applications

Lucian Precup

Since 2010 Lucian acquired, throughout his missions, a fair amount of experience with NoSQL and Enterprise Search. He shares this knowledge in barcamps, user groups and conferences in France. Adelean, the company Lucian founded in 2010, is an official Elasticsearch Systems Integrator Partner.Before 2010, Lucian developed real time data integration software at Business Objects and SAP. He joined the BI software vendor following the acquisition of a startup issued from the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA), team that he integrated in 2001.

The talk of Lucian Precup will be:
Back to the Future : SQL 92 for Elasticsearch ?

Martin Schönert

I have been in IT since I studied mathematical structures using computers at the university – a long time ago. Since then I have worked in IT in almost any role, e.g. as programmer, project manager, product owner, responsible for a computing center, etc.These days I am in the lucky position to do what I enjoy most – working as a software architect. Both consulting clients and for our own NoSQL database – ArangoDB.

Martin Schönert will speak about:
Domain Driven Design and NoSQL Databases

Max Neunhöffer

Max Neunhöffer is a mathematician turned database developer. In his academic career he has worked for 16 years on the development and implementation of new algorithms in computer algebra, mainly for the open source system GAP. During this time he has juggled a lot with mathematical "big data" like group orbits containing trillions of points. Recently he has returned from St Andrews in Scotland to Germany, has shifted his focus to NoSQL databases and now helps to develop ArangoDB.

Max Neunhöffer will speak about:
Joins and aggregations in a distributed NoSQL DB

Michael Hausenblas

Michael is MapR's Chief Data Engineer, where he helps people tap the potential of Big Data by bridging the technical (reliability, scalability, etc.) and the business side (RoI, TCO, etc.). His background is in large-scale data integration, the Internet of Things, and Web applications and he's experienced in advocacy and standardisation (World Wide Web Consortium). Michael's sharing his experience with the Lambda Architecture and distributed systems through blog posts and public speaking engagements and is a contributor to Apache Drill. Prior to MapR, Michael was a Research Fellow at National University of Ireland, Galway.

The talk of Michael Hausenblas will be:
Memento: how data storage hardware constraints impact database software architectures

Niall Milton

Niall is the CTO and founder of DigBigData. He has been working for over 15 years as an engineer, technical architect and analyst in Cloud, Mobile, Telco & Broadcasting spheres. In recent years he has been providing consultancy and training for next generation NoSQL and Cloud technologies such as Cassandra, OpenStack and Hadoop, working with petabyte scale systems. He is an Apache Cassandra MVP for 2014.https://www.slideshare.net/niallmilton/

The talk of Niall Milton will be:
Complex Analytics with Apache Cassandra & Friends

Richard Shaw

Richard Shaw's a Software Architect for MapR, introducing companies to the wonders of Hadoop and helping them understand how it can help their business. With a background in DevOps and NoSQL, Richard has held positions with General Motors, Guardian Media Group, Betfair and most recently Basho Technologies. Richard has three and a half bicycles and enjoys real ale and fine whisky.

The talk of Richard Shaw will be:
Blazing Fast SQL querying on Hadoop with Apache Drill

Sebastian Cohnen

Sebastian Cohnen (@tisba) has been working with scalable, high-performance systems for some years now. NoSQL (Riak, Redis and CouchDB in particular) was always an integral part of those systems. His masters thesis was about “Design Patterns for Scalable, Service-Oriented Web-Architectures” and since then he build and especially load tested several web-based architectures and applications. Sebastian is founding StormForger.com, a load testing as a service platform right now. Besides making the web a faster place, he is doing a German tech podcast called Geekstammtisch.

Sebastian Cohnen will speak about:
Getting Started With Time Series Data

Simon Elliston Ball

Simon is a head of the Big Data team at Red Gate, focusing on researching and building tools to interact with Big Data platforms. Previously he has worked in the data intensive worlds of hedge funds and financial trading, ERP and e-Commerce, as well as designing and running nationwide networks and websites. These days his head is in Big Data and visualisation.In the course of those roles, he’s designed and built several organisation-wide data and networking infrastructures, headed up research and development teams, and designed (and implemented) numerous digital products and high-traffic transactional websites.For a change of technical pace, he writes and produces screencasts on front-end web technologies such as ExtJS, and is an avid NodeJS programmer. In the past he has also edited novels, written screenplays, developed web sites and built a photography business.

The talk of Simon Elliston Ball will be:
When to NoSQL and When to Know SQL

Tim Vincent

Tim has a strong database background honed at companies such as Informix, TimesTen (In-Memory database) and Oracle. While at TimesTen he was acquired by Oracle and stayed with the product in a pre-sales and product management capacity. Now a Solutions Engineer at DataStax his focus is to enable customers to adopt the Apache Cassandra database technology to deliver web scale applications that are always on and never go down.

Tim Vincent will speak about:
Cassandra + Spark = Awesome

Uwe Friedrichsen

Uwe Friedrichsen travels the IT world for many years. As a fellow of codecentric AG he is always in search of innovative ideas and concepts. His current focus areas are resilience, scalability and the IT of (the day after) tomorrow. Often, you can find him on conferences sharing his ideas, or as author of articles, blog posts, tweets and more.

The talk of Uwe Friedrichsen will be:
Extreme availability and self-healing data with CRDTs